Should I provide Wi-Fi in my leisure park?

For many leisure parks, the one big question they face currently is, ‘should I invest in Wi-Fi in for my guests’?

Tablets, phones and laptops are a part of our daily lives, and it is argued that an internet connection is as important today as other utilities. We decided to explore this topic in more detail and demonstrate the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself. 

The Pros

It’s expected – most travellers today expect to remain connected and can be at times disappointed to arrive on holiday and not have access to Wi-Fi. It’s a little bit like taking card payments, not doing so can be frowned upon.

Attract more bookings – there is no getting away from the fact that Wi-Fi is value to your facilities list and will make it more attractive to holidaymakers. If you are looking to attract families with children, Wi-Fi is essential for children of a certain age. Plus, parks with Wi-Fi attract 30% more bookings.

You’ll help holiday makers have a better time – as silly as it may sound, having access to the internet can help your guests to find local amenities, restaurants, takeaways, sightseeing and more. All in a quick google search. You can tailor suggestions in your welcome pack by adding local websites to aid your guests in enjoying their stay.

You’ll encourage reviews – as a park owner, having the internet opens up lots of options around encouraging your guests to leave positive reviews about your destination. You may consider using Tripadvisor, Facebook or other online tools to handle this.

What are the downsides?

People go on holiday to get away from it – It’s inevitable, you will have that small percentage of guests that simply want to get away from being connected to the world. Provision of Wi-Fi probably won’t be something that would off-put those guests.

Cost –Implementing any sort of internet connection does bear a cost, and this is likely to be sizeable to handle a high volume of guests. We would advise you to look at the costs in comparison to other investments and assess the potential return. Will your Wi-Fi bring in more bookings? Also, use a reputable supplier where you understand your download limits and any extra costs that may apply and pass these onto your guests via your booking conditions.

Maintenance – As a holiday park, there will inevitably be some maintenance to perform and providing the internet will require some level of support. We advise finding a reputable supplier where guests register and possibly pay, ensuring your costs are covered, and there is a support line available should things go wrong.

The legal issues – Unfortunately, there are risks associated with copyright, downloading illegal content, GDPR and privacy laws. This is an area that requires attention and compliance, but most support providers will help you with controls and what content is allowed so you can ensure you’re completely protected.

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