Why the Staycation beats overseas travel for your next holiday

Brexit, currency fluctuations and one of the oldest travel establishments in the UK going under has many of us travellers feeling a little nervous about the cost and complication involved in future overseas travel.

At Sunseeker Holiday Homes, we are champions for the Staycation and offer the opportunity for you to own your own holiday home, in a location of your choice and create a lifetime of happy memories. As a team, we have come up with our top tips for why staying home for your holidays is the more attractive option.

Summer weather is on the up – As global temperatures continue to climb, by 2050 heatwaves similar to that witnessed in 2018 could occur every year. By 2100, heatwaves will likely become more intense and longer-lasting, with the possibility of heatwaves lasting 50 days. Someone fire-up the BBQ.

No luggage woes – Today’s airline travel is a complicated challenge to tackle. Limited quantities of liquid, carry-on baggage at a fee and extortionate fees for excess baggage as the machines take over from humans at check-in are some of the many things to consider. The world of the Staycation often involves just filling the car with no stress or restrictions. And, imagine your own holiday home surrounded by the belongings and things you love. 

Budget accurately – As with other home comforts, knowing what you are getting for your money is a plus point. Holidaying in the UK enables you to know exactly what you are going to spend with no hidden fees for currency exchange, plus the additional costs of travelling abroad such as airport parking, You can also maximise using vouchers and discount websites for a whole host of restaurants and tourist attractions to save money which would not ordinarily be available in overseas countries.

Eat to your own taste – Picky children? Scared of getting ill while away? Holidaying in the UK means you can eat your favourite UK cuisine and cater for all the family without the risk of the dreaded holiday tummy. Hospitality in the UK has evolved phenomenally in the last 10 years with a wide range of eating out options and depending on your location a range of options you may not have tried before.

Visit some hidden treasures – There is no doubt that the UK is beautiful and has many places you will not have had the chance to visit. A Staycation enables you to explore and find treasures on every corner. You can use resources such as Tripadvisor to find places of interest or check out articles such as this one from Timeout to search for your perfect day out. Why would you ever want to leave the UK?

If a permanent Staycation is attractive to you and you’re considering investing in a Holiday Home, contact the friendly team at Sunseeker Holiday Homes or view our holiday homes today.

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